All About VET

VET componente and WACE recognition structure

VET stands for Vocational Education and Training.

Opportunities to do VET include Pre-Apprenticeships, School-Based Apprenticeships and School-Based Traineeships. VET engages students in work related learning built on strategic partnerships between schools, registered training organisations (RTO), business, industry and the wider community.
Delivery arrangements of VET to secondary students may include:

  • Auspice* – where a school purchases quality assurance aspects from an RTO and the school delivers the training to their students
  • Fee for service – where a school purchases delivery and assessment from an RTO
  • Profile – where schools access profile hours through the state training providers
  • RTO School – where a school becomes an RTO to deliver and assess training within a defined scope of delivery.

*All delivery and assessment of VET must be conducted or supervised by a qualified trainer and assessor in partnership with a registered training organisation which operates under a VET regulatory and quality framework.

Who does what? – VET delivered to secondary students

Information and advice can be found from the relevant education systems and sector regarding assessment and delivery of VET to secondary students including details about funding. Government schools should contact either their regional or central office, Catholic Schools should contact Catholic Education Western Australia and Independent Schools should contact the Association of Independent Schools. Web addresses for these offices are available in the Links section of the Authority website.

View the Authority's VET comparison document here.

How VET contributes towards WACE provides information on how VET contributes towards a student’s WACE in Years 11 and 12.

There are two ways that VET can contribute towards the WACE

VET industry specific courses are Authority-developed WACE courses where a full nationally recognised qualification is delivered and assessed according to industry specific standards with mandatory workplace learning included. Achievement of these qualifications will contribute towards the WACE as course units.

VET credit transfer in the WACE refers to any nationally endorsed qualification or nationally recognised accredited course that is used by a student to contribute towards their WACE.

Other resources:

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VET Contacts

VET enquiries email the VET team at

SIRS VET data enquiries email the Data Services Team at

VET linking email the Data Support Officers at